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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The meaning behind SEO (search engine optimization) is that it is a very important part of a digital marketing plan.

It is the process of “organic“ or natural“ search results from search engines. Website pages and other content such as imagines, videos or local listing on the internet are shown and than ranked on what the search engine would consider relevant to the users. This is about making modifications to parts of your website to help it rank higher within the search engines. When these charges are viewed individually the changes may not seem like incremental improvements but combine this with other optimizations there is noticeable impact to your sites user’s experience and than performance in “organic“ or “natural“ search results.

Most people who have a website have a limited or absolutely no understanding of SEO, rest assured that is where Jet Altitude comes in. We will work the fundamental steps to make success for your business

Steps We Take To Achieve This

✔ Research the most popular way people search for your business.
✔ Understand the ways people may be searching for the same thing and what your business offers.
✔ We will find engaging and popular topics in your field.
✔ Expand your keyword list on your site
✔ Understand what is behind the keywords we are targeting for you. Design pages for good optimization A keyword search is not just only the first step towards attracting more organic natural search traffic. We will make sure your pages are well structured and will satisfy the person doing the search . The optimization efforts will make sure that your visitors are enjoying their user experience your website provides them.
✔ With just even targeting some of the most profitable keywords with the best content will not help you if your page is not optimized for search engines. ​ Making sure your site is accessible to humans and search engines together It is very important to remember that there are two separate customers, human readers,and search engines , bots. Bots are becoming more and more intelligent and human-like, there are still are differences that exist between the two. But our goal will be a positive experience for both.
✔ Make sure your website loads fast ​
✔ That the website is mobile friendly ​
✔ Site mapping setup ​ Building back links from other websites to yours
✔ Link building is extremely critical for the success of an ​SEO strategy, and it is incorporated in our services. ​

Search Engine Optimization Services

✔ Website on page optimization
✔ Back linking
✔ Monthly competitor analysis ​
✔ Google Map Ranking
✔ Citation Building & Cleanup Service
✔ Monthly citation adding

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